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Where is the poetry?
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Welcome to my humble portfolio. All of the photography on this blog is by me or, rather, what I make of things.
I somewhat defy the sense of Tumblr and do not reblog.


Checking out a few days early. Catch you on the flipside.

- We’ll be setting a [southerly] course, plunging into the wilderness [not as much].

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thinking of newtown…

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Dead trees of America VII
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Dead trees of America VI
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Dead trees of America V
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I recently closed the incidents and am drawing to the end of this long past road trip… I want to welcome the few people who recently started to follow my small endeavour here. Also, come next week I’ll be acting upon the plans I made for the summer. Thus, this site will be without maintenance for almost three weeks. After that it’ll be quite chaotic, I guess. Even now, pics are “piling up” (on the hard drive) … I.e. I’ll maintain a two post a day quota for the moment. 4 notesReblog

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