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Where is the poetry?
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Welcome to my humble portfolio. All of the photography on this blog is by me or, rather, what I make of things.
I somewhat defy the sense of Tumblr and do not reblog.

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Thursday’s for surveys…

Tumblr is a social network, right? Albeit I seem not to use it as one. But things do change, I presume, and I want to try this at least once, when I have a question or rather thought on photography and could use y’all’s input. Here goes:

In the wake of  what I ilke to call “HDR-to-the-masses” I’ve become weirdly annoyed by certain degrees of contrast and saturation and find myself oftentimes dimming my whole ‘affair’ in post… of course you’d want some detail, focal contrast (if possible) and whatnot, but still…

I mean no disrespect. You may love HDR to the death. I just don’t seem to see the merit, artistically…

Do you see what I mean at all? What are your or anyone’s thoughts on this?

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You dreamer who strayed  You dreamer too late  The sun in your eyes  The sun overhead  The sun in your back 11 notesReblog
We looked a shadow of a man  From where we’re standing  Which made us laugh and lift our hands  And say “rise” 14 notesReblog
Zeche Zollverein VI 16 notesReblog
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[…] oh man, I keep on not posting, or logging in even….
I’m very sorry… I hope to catch on to all my favourites’ posts soon. Might be a while, though, before I upload sth new. I have no idea. I just stopped one day and didn’t feel the urge to continue as of yet.

I thank everyone that decided/s to stick it out or to even follow, especially in a ‘tide of ebb’, since there will be new pics up at some point, I think.

Have a blast!

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